4 Unconventional Gifts We Ended Up Buying For Ourselves.

4 Unconventional Gifts We Ended Up Buying For Ourselves.

Second to Daily Briefs underwear, here are our favorite gifts for BFF’s.

You're either a puzzle person or you’re not. If you are, get JIGGY PUZZLES with it. These are the Veuve Clicquot of puzzles. So fancy they’re considered frame worthy. Our favorite is called BOOBS, of course. 

THE KNOWING DECK  A little direction is most welcome in 2020. This exquisitely designed deck of “Knowing”cards from Shamanic Healer Ceil Grove is one of our favorite unconventional gifts.

MALICIOUS WOMEN COMPANY hit all the senses. To be expected, these candles smell amazing, but their branding is also next level. This company was built on a friendship that hits a cause near and dear to our hearts. When founder Lacie lost her BFF to suicide, she made a candle in her honor which become the foundation for MWC. Our first citrus sage candle reads, “Please don't do meth in our bathroom.”

SUPERNATURAL We initially took offense at receiving this gift.  Cleaning products ≠ thoughtful gifts.  But then we opened, and WOW!  The packaging alone is candy, implying one should clean naked.  Inside we found refillable glass bottles with safe essential oil based cleaning spras that smell divine. We are ordering refills today.

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