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Self Love Collection

$30.00 (USD)

Our custom underwear are a favorite gift for those hard to find friends and family members. Daily Briefs deliver secret messages - because sometimes you just need to read between the legs.

Sheer and buttery soft. Never a panty line, always a flawless fit. Delivered in a custom box. Be there for your BFF 24/7.

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A secret message delivered right between the legs.

Read between the legs

We spend 1.5 hours every week staring into our knickers. So give your BFF the most inspirational of messages or a kick in the pants. Because sometimes, we just need to ‘read between the legs.’ 



"I’ll buy these for all of my friends. Hurry up and launch already."

- Siri (Beta Tester)

"Daily Briefs are like fortune cookies but for your knickers."

- Donna (Beta Tester)

"I grab my Daily Briefs when I know it’s going to be a bad day. Who Doesn’t love inspiration from the crotch."

- Kathy (Beta Tester)

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