Sizing and Fabric


Why buy Daily Briefs?

Because you're a top shelf BFF

Daily Briefs are the ultimate BFF gift because your bestie will crack a smile (and think of you) every time she pees. Not to mention un-boxing experience is second to none. End result - your BFF will feel like the rockstar she is.

They are ridiculously comfortable and size inclusive

We invested in the fabric and fit of Daily Briefs to ensure they become your next comfiest, favorite, luckiest pair of underwear. With such buttery, soft, stretchy fabric we have just two sizes.



Booty covers more plus sizes than most, but we are working with our manufacturer to offer more. xoxo

Value for $

Flowers $60 - $80 (then they die)

WIne $20-$40 (with hangover)

Nice Scarf $50

DAILY BRIEFS deliver a unique, personalised, fun unboxing experince with other treats from us. Then the main event - crazy comfy underwear to motivate and support you BFF everytime she pees. #bestgiftever

You want to treat yourself

Sick of buying $2 undies from bargin basements? When your Daily Briefs arrive the world (which is imploding) will take a break and put you on the pedestal you deserve. When you discover our underwear (ridiculously comfortable and motivating) you'll see things in a new light. (or your $ back) Treat yourself. xoxo