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Read between the legs

We spend 1.5 hours every week staring into our knickers. So give your BFF the most inspirational of messages or a kick in the pants. Because sometimes, we just need to ‘read between the legs.’ 

We’re making your next favorite, comfiest, and luckiest pair of underwear.
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A perfect gift for that hard to find for friend.


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The pandemic might have slowed us down, but it’s not stopping us. Follow along on our mission to keep friends connected; we’d love your input.


"I’ll buy these for all of my friends. Hurry up and launch already."

- Siri (Beta Tester)

"Daily Briefs are like fortune cookies but for your knickers."

- Donna (Beta Tester)

"I grab my Daily Briefs when I know it’s going to be a bad day. Who Doesn’t love inspiration from the crotch."

- Kathy (Beta Tester)

Our mission is to keep friends connected.

Join us for a wild ride.

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