You're not the only one asking

Why buy Daily Briefs?

What makes Daily Briefs a fun friend gift?

Our unique gifts stand out in a crowd. Luxury underwear made from buttery soft, comfortable underwear with sassy secret messages to champion, motivate or support. And a fabulous unboxing experience.

Can I customize my gifts to make them more unique?

Absolutely - if you have a special occasion (like a wedding) or event (team building), you can add your message to our product. Give us a call or shoot us an email to learn more about custom Daily Briefs.

Why are Daily Briefs better than traditional presents like flowers or wine?

Who doesn't love a good bunch of flowers? But, they die. And wine is excellent, but that hangover can be a headache. Daily Briefs are the perfect gift that keeps on giving that guarantee smiles or your $ back.

What special occasions are Daily Briefs best suited for?

Perfect gifts for Birthdays, Weddings, and Mother's Day. And a truly authentic way to show support in break-ups, to celebrate wins and epic fails. And remember treating yourself is just as important.

Is it weird to buy Daily Briefs for me?

No way. We quickly forget the most important person to care for is ourselves. How can we help others if we don't take care of #1? So send yourself a secret message. You deserve it.

Comfortable and inclusive

How do they fit?

How can I be sure to order the correct size? 

Daily Briefs are often purchased as presents, so easy sizing is essential. We chose fabric so buttery soft, and stretchy just two sizes fit all shapes.
BITTY = XS/S/M/L (12)

Do you offer a size chart for your products? 

You will fit our Bitty size if you are XS, S, M, or L (12) in other underwear. You will fit our Booty size if you are L (14), XL, or XXL in other underwear.

How do I care for my Daily Briefs?

We recommend following the care instructions provided on the underwear to ensure they stay in the right size and shape. (And continue to be the gift that keeps on giving.)

How long should I keep underwear before throwing them away? 

Honestly, we don't believe underwear has a magical use-by-date. If your knickers have lost shape and color, or look sad and dank, trash them! Then treat yourself because you deserve fabulous underwear (Like ours).

What if I'm unsure about my recipient's bum size?

No one wants to pick their BFF's bum size. Bitty size includes XS, S, M, or L (12). Booty size fits L (14), XL, or XXL. And rest assured, we are working to be even more size-inclusive above XXL with our next shipment.

Be there for your BFF 24/7

Why are Daily Briefs the perfect gift?

I'm looking for a small gift of appreciation. Are Daily Briefs too weird? 

Absolutely not. Our top-notch luxury underwear were created to become everyone's next favorite, luckiest pair. The perfect gift to show a friend you care or to show appreciation and love.

If my BFF is feeling down, dealing with anger or loss, how will underwear help? 

Our company mission is to connect friends with sass and humor. We hope to lift spirits and champion friendship in the darkness most authentically. That's why our messages are secret, personal, and lasting, right between the legs.

Can I include a personal message with my gift to show support?

Yes. We want Daily Briefs to be unique and authentic, so space for your message is a priority. When you check out, we include a special message section & handwrite every message. Nothing is too sweet or too strange.

Are there any Daily Briefs that are exceptionally supportive or uplifting?

As you will see, some of our spicier lines are only for some, but all our products intend to support and champion friendship. Drop us a line if you need help choosing the perfect pair.

Are Daily Briefs helpful if I do not see eye to eye with my friend?

Daily Briefs are the perfect gift to start a challenging conversation with your BFF. And throwing in some spicy humor always makes it easier to break the ice when you have to start somewhere.

Ready. Set. Go.

Am I ready to buy?

How do I place an order for a gift?

You will see a space for a message at the checkout. If you do not see an opening for a message, email us directly after you place the order. Be sure to include your order number. alice@ourdailybriefs.com

What payment options do you accept?

All major credit cards, as well as PayPal and AmazonPay

How long does it take to receive my gift after I order it?

You get to choose the shipping at check out. We pride ourselves on being prompt when it comes to fulfilling orders.

Do you offer discounts?

We sure do. If you join our gang, just being a member gives you a 10% discount. Simply sign up for our Unbreaking Newsletter. Weekly news (Not necessary. Never bad.) delivered to your inbox.

How can I contact customer service with any questions or concerns about my order?

You can connect with us via our contact page. Or directly email the fabulous Alice in Underland - alice@ourdailybriefs.com