Where it all began.

Daily Briefs underwear is a fashion brand known for its comfortable, stylish, and provocative undergarments. We have gained a loyal following of BFFs who enjoy the quirkiness and uniqueness of our products. Daily Briefs is a popular choice of gifts among women who value friendship. 

  • Vision

    • To spread joy with products that bring sass, and confidence to those who wear them.
    • To deliver high-quality, ultra-comfortable underwear. 
    • To build a community who support and inspire each other. 

  • Community

    • We believe that humor and positivity can transform the way a woman feels about herself and the world around her.
    • We work fast and and play hard, collaborating with like-minded partners who are fun to work with.
    • If you would like to partner with us lets chat.

  • Founder

    In 2022 Creative Director Katy Kunkel wondered, "What if we invested in the untapped canvas between one's legs?" Yes, there's an obvious, engaging, personal billboard in your briefs. "Such an undervalued way to support your BFF, " she thought.  Then, boom, Daily Briefs was born. 🫣