Rock your mood and your underwear drawer with our emotional support underwear.

Boost Your Mood with our Emotional Support Underwear.

Yep, you read that right; our game-changing underwear are designed to boost your mood. If this seems hard to believe let's take a minute to remember why emotional support is really important:

  1. Mood boosting: When you're feeling down, sometimes all it takes is a little pick-me-up to turn things around.
  2. Coping strategies: Life is not a straight line, and we all need ways to cope with the ups and downs. We need more than one tool in our arsenal,
  3. Stress management: Stress is part of life; sometimes it can even be useful, but when it takes over we need support to engage in feelings of calm. And well-being.

So, at Daily Briefs we imagined offering moments of emotional support when women need it the most and/or least expect it. Yep, a mood boost quietly delivered right from the gusset. 'Read between the legs' if you will. Daily Briefs are with you when you are hiding, need to slow down, or simply trying to get through your day. They've got your back (and your front).

But don't just take our word for it. Here are a few examples of how our emotional support underwear makes getting through the day a little more joyful.

"When I'm feeling anxious about a big meeting or performance, slipping on my emotional support undies gives me the confidence boost I need to kick butt."

"Sometimes, when I'm feeling down and out, I'll put on my favorite pair of emotional support underwear. It's a Wonderwoman kinda vibe."

"When I'm just feeling overwhelmed by life in general, taking a few minutes to practice mindfulness is hard. My emotional support undies remind me to be grounded and centered.

Emotional support underwear may sound silly at first, but trust us when we say mental health and emotional resilience is no joke. Daily Briefs are one more tool in your self-care toolbox and make for a funny BFF gift.  

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