Foster adult friendships.  Get out of Dodge

Foster Female Friendships. Get out of Dodge.

Hey besties, 

Last week I ran away. That might sound crazy because adulting means we can't just up and run away from our problems. But hear me out. 


A month ago, I awkwardly reached into my vulnerable pocket and called a friend to say I needed a break. Suddenly stars aligned, and I was invited to join a trip of a lifetime to Morocco.  


Lesson #1. Phone a friend when you need help


I dumped all my responsibilities and jumped right in. Taking a break from my daily routine and surroundings has improved my perspective and relationships. A chance to disconnect from the stressors of everyday life delivers clarity that offers new solutions to old problems. But we only sometimes take the time to let this natural process happen.  


Lesson #2. Get out of dodge. 


I laughed till I pissed my pants. I got to know old friends and made amazing new ones. On the last day, a giant beautiful Morrocan man I thought was a security guard led me to a massage appointment. It turns out he was the masseuse. It was the perfect happy ending. He massaged the parts of me I thought were gone forever and wrung out the bits that were not serving me.   


Lesson #3. Laugh more. 


Running away with your besties can be a great bonding experience. It's like a grown-up sleepover, where you can talk about anything without distractions or interruptions. Our big selves spent quality time with our 11-year-old selves. No judgment. No worries. No hurries.  

Lesson #4. Always phone a friend. You never know where you might end up.  




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