The art of concealed confidence.

5 Mood Enhancing Fashion Hacks

The Art of Concealed Confidence.

Unleash Your Sass with Mood-Enhancing Fashion

It's no secret our concealed weapons are hidden mood-enhancing messages in your panties. Even our prickliest customers have unleashed an inner style sass when wearing Daily Briefs. But lingerie is just one layer. Let's dive a little deeper into the art of concealed confidence. Here are our favorite ways to elevate your dress style and fashion game:

  1. Embrace the Statement: Never underestimate the power of accessories to transform a basic outfit into a bombing clothing ensemble. Statement Accessories Inspiration
  2. Hard "yes" to texture mixing: The surprise never gets old when a flowy dress you thought was fashion trash gets vamped up with a structured jacket. Treat yourself to a try-on session and play in your wardrobe. Here's a playlist to make it fun and don't forget to ditch boring undies.
  3. Adults Invest in Tailoring:  Fit is crucial for a polished and confident look no matter your body shape. Even a teeny weeny adjustment can make a noticeable difference. And NO, don't wait until you lose the lbs. You look fabulous now. Find a tailor. 
  4. Personal Style is Confidence. The most important accessory you own is you. Your uniqueness is f^*king fabulous. Own it. Fashion is self-expression, break out of your comfort zone and be true to yourself. YOU. ARE. NOT. A. SHEEP. 
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