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Chat GPT vs Google search IRL

Our brand relies on the written word, so we are curious about Chat GPT. After a deep dive into the AI chatbot world, here's what our founder and awarded copywriter says about artificial intelligence as a language model.

The Chat GPT bot takes a 'prompt' and will spit out headlines and 'ideas' faster than a Google search AND an accomplished writer; that said, the authenticity of the chatbot feels like it needs humanizing. Artificial intelligence is a game changer for ideas and lists, but good content like conversation still requires a human touch. Successful writers will soon be 'chatbot prompt writers' The more specific the text prompt, the more spot-on the content.

Here are some basic examples of using a chatbot in IRL.

TEXT PROMPT  "Recommend a little-known Netflix show as good as Ted Lasso."

AI GENERATED ANSWER  If you enjoyed Ted Lasso, you might also like "Feel Good" on Netflix. It's a heartfelt comedy-drama about a comedian navigating her career and relationships while recovering from drug addiction.

TEXT PROMPT "What's the best restaurant in Santa Fe for my BFF's Birthday?

AI GENERATED ANSWER Some popular options for special occasions include Geronimo, TerraCotta Wine Bistro, and Sazón.

Now let's add some spice:

TEXT PROMPT How do I negotiate a raise like William Shakespeare?

AI GENERATED ANSWER "Good morrow, fair sir! To negotiate a raise, one must first prepare with utmost diligence. Know thy worth and present thy accomplishments with eloquence and humility. Speak with confidence, yet listen with patience. Do not make demands, but rather make a case for yourself. And if thy employer proves unyielding, be not afraid to seek greener pastures. Forsooth, thou art worthy of fair compensation for thy toil."

Other IRL text prompt Ideas:

  • OUTLINE: Write five questions and answers about a topic you want to write about.
  • SUMMARY: Paste in an article and ask for an overview.
  • FACTS: Paste an essay and ask AI pull points or facts from it.
  • WORDING: Paste a paragraph and prompt to rewrite in a different voice. "Write this as if you are Elon Musk."
  • POEMS: Turn these sentiments into a Haiku.
  • VIDEO: Write the script for a social media video about this product.

You get the artificial intelligence idea - the more in-depth your ai chatbot instructions, the better the results. Even though the conversation machine will get more intelligent, there is no guarantee that it will be correct. It's still just a helpful tool that needs human feedback. The warmth and empathy of human language are still genuine in editing. But that's a matter of opinion too.

Use your AI tool wisely, and remember - be an AI expert but remember to talk to real people too.

Comment below if you've found a fun use case for Chat GPT or any generative ai. We are very curious about open AI videos for content.

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