You can support women in overwhelming situations.

Help a Woman in Crisis

Help us foster support and solidarity in response to an alarming increase in emotional distress among women.

Anyone, regardless of circumstance or status, can experience emotional distress. Sometimes relationships become confusing or potentially dangerous, or life throws us challenges we don’t understand or know how to navigate. This is a universal pain amplified by the rapid pace of our modern digital world.

One obvious example is the confusing cycle of abuse. According to the Domestic Violence Hotline, almost 736 million women – about 1 in 3 – are subjected to violence and will attempt on average, 7 times to leave a relationship.

At Daily Briefs, we see the struggles faced by women trapped in overwhelming situations. Our commitment to helping women develop emotional resilience and establish a supportive network to uplift each other is stronger than ever. Although sass and humor are among our tools, they are just a few in an extensive toolbox.

Our team believes that solidarity, empathy, and support can indeed be the catalysts for meaningful change. Together, we can form an unbreakable bonds.

Join us in our mission to uplift each other.  

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