Happy Ending Brrr...

Happy Ending Brrr...

Showers can deliver moments of genius. But for us, the cold rinse provides clarity.

STEP 1:  Get naked. 

Not so fun when you feel cold, uninspired, or full of procrastination. Get on with it. 


STEP 2  Soak it up. Inspiration is all around us, like warm water. But do we soak it up? Are there birds in your backyard? Is there a painting you look at every day but have never seen? Do you move too fast to see the wisdom of a child? In the warm shower, consider all the things you might be missing.  


STEP 3 The best part. Once you feel royally inspired, lock it all in with a blast of cold. The benefits are all good - from reduced stress to focus - cold delivers. https://www.wimhofmethod.com/benefits-of-cold-showers

It takes practice, but if you can breathe through just a minute of cold at the end of every shower, you'll be set up to execute one of those great ideas only a shower delivers.

Our other favorite detox is to turn off all notifications (sounds and vibrations) that interrupt good energy. It's amazing how something this simple can release the flow of creativity and inspiration. Click here for more tips on how to live forever. 

Photo by Seth Doyle


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