Hot Showers For Inspiration. Cold Showers To Execute.

Hot Showers For Inspiration. Cold Showers To Execute.

 Everyone knows showers can deliver moments of genius. But it’s the freezing cold rinse that locks in the focus to execute. 

STEP 1  Get naked.  Not always fun when you are feeling cold, uninspired or full of procrastination.  But it’s a First World problem so get on with it. 

STEP 2  Soak it up.  Inspiration is all around us, like warm water.  But do we soak it up?  Are there birds in your backyard?  A painting you look at every day but have never really seen?  A child in your life that has more wisdom than all the information in your feed?  A pen and blank page you never have the time for?  

STEP 3 The best part. Now that you are feeling inspired, lock it all in with a cold shock.  Why? Because even science says the benefits are all good.  From reduced stress to better focus, cold delivers.  It takes practice but if you can breath through a minute of cold at the end of every shower, you’ll be set up to execute one of those great ideas only a shower delivers.

Inspiration is hard to see if we are distracted or bombarded with toxins. What are we asking of our bodies physically and mentally?  Our other favorite detox is to turn off all notifications (sounds and vibrations) that interrupt our energy.  It’s amazing how something this simple can release the flow of creativity and inspiration.  

Photo by Seth Doyle
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