How to deal with difficult people.

How to deal with difficult people.

The ultimate guide to difficult teenagers.

Living with other people's hormones or unpredictability post covid has shifted me from thriving to surviving. 

Here's how I cope, sharing a nest with teenagers.


Under no circumstances is it possible to enjoy a coffee before they depart. Often it's better to leave or hide. All instincts to 'help out' are fake. Avoid at all costs. 


My oldest figured out how to instantly shift my mood. A good Spotify playlist is a defense against grumpy people, including me. (FYI, We have a playlist for every pair of underwear.)


No matter how cool I was in the 90s, being the "cool" mom is not a thing. There's nothing worse than the desperate middle-ager trying to relive youth. Book a BFF trip to Vegas instead, or read our post on how to live longer.


Embracing tech is the right path, but developing a healthy relationship with crack is difficult. My new screen-time strategy is to drive out-of-range. Stand by to see if our newly purchased 2012 (teen-appropriate) off-road vehicle delivers the quality, unplugged, outside fireside time we all need. 

And wish me luck - I told them they could drive.

PS: Don't forget to phone a friend today. 

xoxo Alice in Underland

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