Toilet Therapy

Are Toilets The New Therapy Couch.

According to LoriGottlieb the toilet has become the new therapy couch. 

Alongside work, shrink sessions in your underwear are on the rise. So we set out to find plants with the following requirements.

  • Produce oxygen.
  • Thrive in low light.
  • Are hard to kill. 
  • Make for a unique gift.
  1. THE ZZ stands to attention and has deep green waxy leaves.  It's the camel of flora, requiring very little watering (like once a month), and next to no sunlight.  Perfect inspiration for a windowless bathroom. 
  2. THE ORCHID is a scary option for those of us who can only kill orchids; but then we learned that they absolutely love the humidity of the bathroom. However, it takes patience.
  3. THE MONEY TREE is not only know as one of the plants that produce oxygen, it is also considered (in feng shui circles) to bring prosperity and luck into the home.  Just like owning a pair of Daily Briefs underwear.

Bottom line - There is simply no downside to indoor plants. Even Etsy sells them. 


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