Let's live longer.

Let's live longer.

Life expectancy among friends

A hot health debate among our friends is "Who will live longer?" 

Will our favorite no-stress pothead have a longer life? Is the Santa Fe yoga teacher with healthy habits at lower risk than the coffee-fueled barmaid who has never eaten a vegetable? Or will the VC avoid disease because he can afford regular MRIs?

We all know the health tickets to dodging chronic heart disease and cardiovascular disease is maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise, good sleep, and lower stress. (All the painfully obvious good health habits). But how do we keep it spicy with a little risk and avoid premature death? 

We grabbed a 2nd coffee and started wading through life expectancy content to find actionable health advice. 

  1. For the best tips on living a healthier life and aging well, our go-to life span doctors, Andrew Huberman and Peter Attica, come together in this brilliant PODCAST. They deliver the science on blood pressure, weight loss, sleep, and lifespan, with a bonus on how to avoid death by fentanyl.
  2. This life expectancy study from Harvard is a show-stopper. Since 1938, a lower risk Harvard-educated group has been tracked alongside a high-risk, less fortunate inner-city group. The results are profound. Above all else - the health of our relationships matters most. Social connections are so crucial for mental health and life expectancy. Loneliness kills life. Listen to the Ted Talk here. 
  3. Regarding mental health, our favorite relationships expert Ester Peral has an entire series addressing the risk of stressful situations in relationships called "Where shall we begin". We love this series because simply knowing you are not alone in life will improve your longevity. 

"Love is a verb. Not a permanent state of enthusiasm."

- Ester Peral

Please comment or add links to your favorite live longer tips.  


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