Happy Mothers Day. Not.

Mother's Day Blessings...

Happy Mother's Day. NOT.

For some, Mother's Day can secretly be a nightmare and a painful reminder of how hard it is to hold down the world's most emotionally charged, thankless, overwhelming, unpaid job. You don't need to be estranged from your children to feel like your mommy fantasy is far from playing out, not to mention the thousands of in-your-face IG posts boasting about flowers and breakfast in bed.

Celebrate. NO THANKS.

To the single moms, the moms who have lost moms, the moms pretending to smile at a plate of burnt toast and gas station flowers. To the forgotten moms and the let-down moms who tried in vain to plan their own Mother's Day. To the moms without homemade Mother's Day cards and the the moms annoyed that one day simply isn't enough.

We see you. 

Stronger. TOGETHER.

Let's face hallmark days can be challenging. If you know a mom giving it her all, there's so magic in reaching out. Tell her she's stronger than she feels, doing better than she thinks, and to remember if she wants breakfast in bed, she has to tell them where the kitchen is!

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