Unique gifts for BFFs

Unique gifts for BFFs

Our Favorite BFF Gifts

Gift-giving runs deeper than buying material goods for our besties. It's a moment to show gratitude and express love, understanding, and appreciation. A meaningful relationship has many layers. Gift-giving shows that we give a damn and we want to connect even if its low cost and delivers the smallest of smiles. It really is the thought that counts. Here are a few of our favorite gifts to uplift

SLEEP MASK Sleep is our most vital tool. Getting enough sleep can be a challenge, so giving the gift of a better night's sleep makes you the best BFF of all.

ILI CACAO OIL We know the benefits of coconut oil skin care but not everyone loves the smell.  Ili Scubs have nailed it with their Cacao Oil. (Which rumor has it doubles as a lube) This oil paired with a few of their fabulous scrubs makes the perfect BFF care package. 

JIGGY PUZZLES. The Veuve Clicquot of puzzles are so fancy they're considered frame-worthy. Our favorite is called 'Boobs,' of course.

THE KNOWING DECK  Direction is always welcome among our coven of good witches. This exquisitely designed deck of "Knowing" cards from Shamanic Healer Ceil Grove is one of our favorite unconventional gifts.

MALICIOUS WOMEN COMPANY To be expected, these candles smell amazing, but their branding is also next level. This company was built on a friendship that hits a cause near and dear to our hearts. When founder Lacie lost her BFF to suicide, she made a candle in her honor, becoming the foundation for MWC. Our first citrus sage candle reads, "Please don't do meth in our bathroom."

THE BEST FOR LAST Rebordacao Embroidery on Etsy is so talented, so fun, so good.  

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