What Are Tintypes And Why We 🖤 Them.

When you discover @duchampia making tintypes in the bowels of her basement, you will be forgiven for thinking she is operating a meth lab.  That said, the process is probably just as elaborate and fun for us as the final product.


During the 1800’s sidewalk photographers would create near instant photographs by creating a direct positive on a thin sheet of metal.  Today they are considered fine art with only a handful of artists able to create them. 


In our opinion @duchampia comes eerily close to capturing a person’s soul with her art.  And nothing compares to the details when you blow them up.  When we see a tintype we see struggle and story, the polar opposite of a typical photo-shopped fashion image. This is why the @duchampia collection spoke directly to Daily Briefs underwear brand. We don’t shy away from the struggle.  We celebrate it through friendship. Tintypes pay homage to friendship - real people dealing with real daily BS and their real friends always in the wings waiting, listening, sharing and caring.

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