5 Top Drawer Daily Briefs Underwear Picks.

5 Top Drawer Daily Briefs Underwear Picks.

In the past 18 months we have purchased, tried on, worn and washed a lot of underwear. Here are the ones we love (and that survive the wash).

LONELY is hands down the winner. We were lucky enough to visit the store in New Zealand. It smelled amazing and was dark like a cave, with really great music. (fitting after dim sum with a hangover). Three hours later, we left with bags of perfectly fitted, sexy as all hell lingerie. Still favorites after a year of washing and drying. Photo by Lonely

KNICKY is the pair you wear when you want to do the right thing. Super comfy, organic soft cotton. And free from all BS: No Chlorine. No Bleach. No Formaldehyde. No Harsh Chemicals.

KNIX claims to be the world's most comfortable, so you can be the world's most confident human.  It’s not far from the truth. These are seamless, smooth, invisible under anything, and hold up over time. Definitely a staple for us.

AWWA Move over Thinx, these period panties are here to stay. They look great and don't feel like a diaper. We bought the cycle set and love the freedom of no tampon days. #flowstate

TJ MAXX We're not too proud to admit the odd roam around TJ’s for a bargain.  Not to mention their stellar designer underwear collections for stupidly reduced prices. All in the name of recon.  

If you’re like us you cling to underwear like a toothbrush, squeezing the life out of them until they’re dank and dull.  Throw out a pair today and treat yourself to a pair of the stars above. Or treat a bestie to a pair of our Daily Briefs underwear, the ultimate unique gift.

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