You're not the only one asking

Why buy Daily Briefs?

$40 WTF?

Investing in friendship is always worth it. And unlike flowers that wither or wine that can lead to a hangover, our undies provide long-lasting joy.

Daily Briefs are fun and thoughtful with a fabulous un-boxing experience. Not to mention our attention to detail on fit and fabric comfort. So why settle for a fleeting gift when you can give a gift that keeps on giving?

A smashing unboxing experience. 

How do I choose a size for my BFF's bum?

We invested in the fabric and fit of Daily Briefs to ensure they'll become everyones next comfiest, favorite, luckiest pair of underwear. With such buttery, soft, stretchy fabric we have two inclusive sizes.



Booty covers more plus sizes than most, but we are working with our manufacturer to offer more. xoxo

TMI (Gusset Billboards)

Daily Briefs are a unique and daring product that may not be for everyone. that said those who have received our cheeky messages, have nothing but positive and joyful feedback. In fact our gusset billboards are proving to be a playful and unexpected twist in our customers lives.  The gift-givers feel good and the gift-getters feel better. 

A smashing unboxing experience. 

Having a 💩 day?

Sick of buying $2 undies from bargin basements? In a world that seems to be constantly imploding, it's more important than ever to take a moment to celebrate.  Buying a gift for yourself can bring a sense of joy and comfort, providing a small but meaningful escape from the chaos. You deserve humor and happiness in uncertain  times.  Treat yourself oxoxo