Behind the Seams - A glimpse into the creative process at Daily Briefs.

Behind the Seams - A glimpse into the creative process at Daily Briefs.

We pull back the curtains with award-winning copywriter and our social media manager 'Alice in Underland.' Her penchant for wit leads the charge in crafting the gems we call Daily Briefs.

How on earth can a pair of undies enhance people's moods?

Women spend over 1.5 hours a week sitting on the toilet. Sometimes we hide in the bathroom (we've all been there), avoiding unruly teenagers, a politically charged alcohol-infused family debate, or an idiot client. What if, at that moment, we could deliver a little boost? Yep, the gusset for us is a blank canvas. Emotional support underwear, if you will.

Are you trying to give Hallmark a run for its money?

Besides saving more trees, our brand thinks motivation and kind messages should be shared daily, not just on special occasions. So we're targeting a different niche - the read-between-the-legs market vs. the read-between-the-lines audience.

The creative process is different for everyone; what is yours?

Ideas come from the strangest spaces, in the shower, dreams, often when we least expect it, or from spending time with inspiring people. I carry a tiny notebook to capture 'half ideas'. Then, when it's time to design and brainstorm, we're not starting from scratch. At grind time (actually writing), I'm armed with coffee (or a cocktail) to process ideas and craft content.

What about the underwear design? Are they decent?

Hell yes! Our design process is as meticulous and sassy as the secret messages inside. The quality of Daily Briefs is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring the perfect blend of comfort and fit. We leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of authenticity, from the fabric choice to the cut and stitch patterns.

What's the trick to staying sassy day to day?

1) There is no right answer. When I was a young copywriter, a creative director would choose the 'good ideas.' These days content algorithms do that, so the playing field has been leveled. That means we can be ultra-frisky and take creative risks. 

2. Collaborate. Nothing good happens in a bubble. We call Daily Briefs a collaboration, not a company. The more interesting, fun, fabulous, and sassy our creative team and partners are, the easier it is to get out of bed in the morning. It's not a straight line, but we trust the process and each other.

3. Dress for Success. It's easy to turn up the sass factor when you follow your dreams and seek happiness like a badass. Check out our blog post on fashion hacks and inspiration. We're big fans of outrageous style and eccentric character.

That's a wrap with our exclusive peek into the life of Daily Briefs' creative team. From sarcastic headlines and attention to detail in design, our antics keep us sassy and committed to bringing more smiles into the everyday.

Remember, life is too short. Ditch boring undies.

Stay sassy,

Alice in Underland.

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