Ready. Set. Rebelle.

Ready. Set. Rebelle.

In 2017, our founder and one of her besties competed in the Rebelle Rally, a 2500km all-female off-road rally from Tahoe to the border of Mexico. This event founder by Emily Miller attracts women from all walks of life who share a common trait - a willing and adventurous spirit. While very few participants are professional drivers or navigators, the event was founded on the belief that "The vehicle in your driveway is more capable than you think." But make no mistake, this is far from a girl's road trip through Socal. Now in its 8th year, the Rebelle Rally continues to uphold its reputation as a world-class motorsport event.

What sets the Rebelle apart?

The Rebelle Rally is exceptionally challenging and designed to test mental endurance. Teams of two spend 8 days in the same vehicle, camping in tents and facing a wide range of terrain and weather conditions, from snow to sandstorms in scorpion-friendly sand dunes. Adding to the difficulty, the use of GPS-enabled devices, including those in vehicles, is strictly prohibited. Navigating is done solely using paper topography maps and a compass. Car companies and Rebelle partners utilize the event as a testing ground to validate the claims made by their marketing departments.

The rally inspires resilience in the small army of women who participate annually, fostering lifelong friendships. Together, they confront challenges throughout the rally, pushing themselves and their machines to the limit. But most importantly, being part of this community demonstrates that if one person fails to reach the finish line, nobody else does.

Daily Briefs & Rebelle Live Show.

Our founder is deeply passionate about the Rebelle Rally and its mission to empower women. Every year, Katy returns to produce and co-host the Rebelle Live Show because it allows her to share the incredible stories of bravery, determination, and skill displayed by her fellow Rebelles. She believes in the power of sharing these stories, inspiring others and showcasing the strength of women in this challenging and exhilarating event. The Rebelle Rally holds a special place in her heart, and she is honored to be a part of such a supportive and empowering community. Read more
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